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How to Write Contracts for Procurement Professionals

How to Write Contracts for Procurement Professionals. Many times, procurement professionals are required to draft or review contracts while not being contract specialists. At the end of the procurement award process, the next step is to draft a contract with t ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 90 Mins
  • Ken Jones
  • Mar 27, 2023
Live Webinar


Today’s economics in business has brought many companies to address major investments like inventory with a limited results solution of outsourcing the function and/or activity.   Procurement Services & Contract Manufacturing activities are typically what has ...

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Biomarkers in Drug Discovery and Development

Biomarkers are a key medical product development tool capable of facilitating the development of medical products and spurring innovation. When used in the right context, biomarkers have the potential to help expedite patient access to safe and effective treat ...

Live Webinar

Vendor Audit for Systems and Services for FDA-Regulated Systems

This webinar will provide the best industry practices to follow when auditing a vendor of a computer system that is regulated by the FDA. We will discuss the best approach for assessing a vendor’s organization, capability, physical/logical security practices, ...

Live Webinar

Excel Spreadsheets; develop and validate for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

This interactive webinar explains how to configure and validate GxP-compliant spreadsheet applications to avoid FDA 483s. Follow the step-by-step instructions as we configure Excel for audit trails, security features, and data entry verification. Understand ho ...

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Extractables & Leacheables in Drug Development

An effective extractable and leachable evaluation is essential for the overall success of any pharmaceutical drug development program for both small molecules and biological agents. In this webinar expert speaker, Stefano Persiani will focus on the basics of a ...

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The program presented is practical and will have an immediate positive impact on the bottom line, as you would implement new methods and skills that improve key areas in procurement. It will equip you with a balance of expertise in the foundational & advanced ...

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Data Integrity and Privacy – compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, SaaS/Cloud, EU GDPR

This webinar describes exactly what is required for compliance with Part 11 and the European equivalent Annex 11 for local, SaaS/Cloud-hosted applications. It explains how to write a Data Privacy Statement for compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulat ...

Live Webinar

The 6 Most Common Problems in FDA Software Validation and Verification

This training on FDA software validation and verification will provide you with the best practices necessary to ensure that all systems are validated in compliance with FDA regulations.

On-Demand Webinar

Purchasing Ethics

Ethical purchasing includes keeping a level playing field and avoiding giving a vendor the impression that you as a procurement professional may not be impartial. What hidden signs to look for and what company policies may need to be instituted to keep or limi ...