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Scheduling Best Practices

The intended purpose of scheduling on a construction project is to help in ensure that all activities necessary to complete the work in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents are included and are properly planned, staffed, coordinated, and ...

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Digital Communication: Write Better Emails, Texts, and Instant Messages at Work

Using hidden features of Microsoft Outlook to the fullest extent possible is like putting time – which is money – directly into your pocket instead of letting it trickle down the drain.  You paid a great deal for the privilege of using Microsoft Outlook – why ...

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Using Excel Tables to Enhance Managing and Analyzing Data

Learning how to efficiently use Excel is so critical in many of today’s office jobs. Many people know the Excel basics. This webinar will show you how to use the tools sort and filter in Excel, and subtotals to really help get the most out of your data, be mor ...

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Writing Effective Audit Observations

As you develop conclusions, findings, and recommendations, you must present them to your client in a logical, complete, and objective way. This process provides an easy way to consistently develop and present your observations. The components in this process i ...

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Nacha Rule Update

During this webinar, we will review recent changes to the ACH rules and also discuss upcoming changes that might impact your organization or specifically, your role. Course Objectives:  The foundation of ACH and Nacha Understand the rules created by Nacha ...

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How to Engage Employees in the New Work Environment

Since early this year, organizations have been adapting to the “new normal” which now includes a “hybrid workforce” that includes employees who both work from home and some who also work on site or in the office. According to several workplace experts, even o ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Eric Le
  • Jun 08, 2023
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Analytical Method Validation and Transfer

This course provides guidance on how to perform QC analytical test method validations and transfers. One of the most critical factors in developing and marketing pharmaceutical drug substances and drug products is ensuring that the analytical methods used for ...

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Best Practices in Virtual Onboarding

Join us to learn about trends, current best practices and how to organize the new hire experience VIRTUALLY in order to build commitment, confidence and competence.  We will include how to integrate technology, such as mobile chatbots and mentoring applicatio ...

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Finance & Accounting 101 Simplified - Three Courses in One!

Three related Finance & Accounting courses are presented in this Webinar: Making of Financial Statements:  Transforming transactions to statements. Interactive exercises to illustrate the accounting process. Overview of the entire accounting process in s ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 90 Mins
  • Carl Young
  • Jun 21, 2023
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How to Prepare for and Conduct a Regulatory Audit

In this Regulatory Audit training participants will gain an understanding of how to prepare for and audit, strategies to conduct and support a successful audit, and ways to respond to audit observations. Special consideration will be given to virtual audits as ...